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The Blair Mahoney Care Management Staffing Agency is owned and operated by Margaret Blair, MSN, RN, CCM a Registered Nurse Care Manager who has twenty-five years of care management experience. She has performed in the care management role as a frontline staff member and in leadership roles. In addition, she has worked for several hospital systems throughout the U.S. filling interim care management leadership roles. 

Our Goal

The goal of The Blair-Mahoney Care Management Staffing Agency is to match hospitals with highly skilled professional staff to meet your present and future care management staffing needs.


This agency and its staff will uphold strong moral and principled values of your organization


You can rely on the ability and commitment of this agency and its staff to always provide stellar service


This agency and its staff will work diligently to collaborate with your staff to reach the best outcomes for your patients, community, and organization.


This agency and its staff will provide services that will allow your organization to reach its strategic goals.

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